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ARTIST: Cities Of Earth
ALBUM: Arctica Andromeda
GENRE: Electronic / Pastfutrism / Soundtrack / Indie
RELEASED: January 2015


Sonically, ‘Arctic Andromeda’ draws much inspiration from 1970s & 80s science fiction soundtracks, as well as the early years of electronic music pioneered by artists like Bruce Haack and Delia Derbyshire. Rejecting many modern EDM trends, ‘Arctica Andromeda’ aims more for a soundtrack approach: the VHS fantasy anthem ‘Glass Castles;’ the Hauntological ‘Oracle;’ or the John Carpenter-meets-ClockDVA ‘Voyeur.’

Like that of these progenitors, the music of ‘Arctica Andromeda’ is punctuated with moments of unexpected melody and beauty amid swirling analog synths, amped rhythms, and layers of textured sound assembly. Composed on both modern and vintage instruments, the album was several years in the making and, when performed live, is accompanied by a synchronized video composition reflecting the album’s pastfuturist themes.


Cities Of Earth is a musical project of Denver-based multi-instrumentalist Michael David King, also of synthesizer-folk band ‘Dormir,’ and formerly of Red Telegraph (which featured Bluebook’s Julie Davis on bass). Cities Of Earth began in 2002 as a project composed without the aid of computers and has since evolved to a cluttered studio littered with piles of analog and digital equipment, ephemeral sound-making devices, pedals, and plenty of wires. ‘Arctic Andromeda’ is the 4th album by Cities Of Earth.




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